It’s about time you brought out those camo skinny jeans!

In my opinion one of the hardest prints to pair basically anything with is camo, especially when it comes to camo skinny jeans. To be honest before I bought my first pair I remember thinking to myself, what the heck am I going to wear with these? They’re this season’s hottest new trend that is super versatile and chic! Need a little style inspiration on how to wear them? No need to worry here are some ways that you can make your military-inspired outfit, complete!

camo skinny jeans

The first pair I bought was from my favorite shopping app, Resultly where I found these adorable ones from Guess. The print is a lot smaller than normal which makes it easier to find tops and accessories to pair with them!

1.) Neutral-Colored Lace Tee: This will really make your outfit look classy and sophisticated with a touch of edginess. Don’t worry about mixing different textures and patterns, just as long as the top’s a neutral color. This blouse will look fabulous paired with these from Macy’s.
2.) Leather Biker Jacket: Going to a rock concert? Here’s the perfect outfit just for that! This look really gives you that edgy, rocker look. Plus the more detail, the better. I actually just bought these here ( which I actually paired with my favorite leather biker jacket. Rock on!
3.) Bold Stripe Print Blouse: For most people mixing patterns is a big fashion no, no. However if you go with a smaller print you’re basically eliminating any type of fashion clashing. For a splash of color add on bright colored statement necklace to tie the outfit all together. I bought this blouse from Forever 21, it’s the cutest!
4.) Denim Moto Vest: It seems as though denim is always in style, no matter the season! If you go with a light wash you can simply go with a darker pair of bottoms. This way you won’t have to fret about doing denim-on-denim. Plus don’t be afraid to add some fun and edgy accessories to complete your look.
5.) Tunics: Other than being a wardrobe must-have these tunics are perfect for bring your camo to the office. A blouse like this will make your outfit sophisticated and chic. Throw on a blazer for a more business-casual look and feel!
6.) Simple Cashmere Sweater: Who doesn’t love a nice, soft, comfy sweater? Especially for those chilly, winter months! Definitely go with a gray or any other neutral color and a splash of color will give your outfit a bit of girliness. For your accessories dangly earrings and a cute rose gold watch is the perfect finishing touch!
7.) Metallic Tank Top: This is the most ideal for a night out with the girls or date night with your boo! A shimmery top goes great with your military-inspired bottoms! Plus add a super cute clutch to dress it up even more!
Now you don’t have any excuse not to buy the camo skinny jeans that you’ve been constantly thinking about.

Top 5 White Jumpsuits You Need

Lets be honest, not every jumpsuit is easy to wear. However, jumpsuits remind me too much of a mechanic’s overalls not to bring them up. There are a few guidelines when wearing a jumpsuit, the first being make sure it fits correctly. This may mean getting it tailored to your body. There is nothing worse than ill fitting clothes, and an ill fitting jumpsuit is definitely a style don’t. Wearing head to toe white can also be a bit tricky. You need to find a style of jumpsuit that flatters your body, otherwise you will look like a white blob. Now, don’t get frustrated because this can be done. I went on my favorite shopping app Resultly, and found 5 white jumpsuits that are just perfect. Check them out below.


1. Sexy white jumpsuit

sexy white jumpsuit
For a super sexy look then you need to check out this super sexy white jumpsuit from Nasty Gal. It has some major white hot style with its wrap top and exposed midriff. This is one super sexy look. Rock this with white heels and minimal hold jewelry.


2. Denim white jumpsuit

denim white jumpsuit
This denim white jumpsuit from Guess will give you a sporty vibe. You can totally dress it up or dress it down. It is made from a light weight white denim  and features a sexy zipper down the front, so you can easily take your look to a very sexy place by showing just the right amount of skin.


3. Strapless white jumpsuit

strapless white jumpsuit
Want a sophisticated and polished look? You need to check out this strapless white jumpsuit from Akira. It is tailored in such a sleek way. Add a pop of color with a skinny belt. Since this jumpsuit is so simple, it is a great canvas for you really have some fun with your accessories. Try a big statement necklace or a gun pair of shoes. You have so  many options from a trendy blazer to a cool purse.


4. Lace white jumpsuit

lace white jumpsuit
Embrace the lace with this flowy white jumpsuit from Free People. You can for sure rock this hippy inspired look by adding some floral touches. Perhaps a floral headband or or floral patterned purse. Try wearing this look with simple flat sandals for a more casual vibe. You can dress up this white jumpsuit with a pretty pair of heels in a light color, like nude or white.


4. Elegant white jumpsuit

elegant white jumpsuit
Now, if you are a major celeb or just rolling in cash, you could also go for this stunning Elie Saab white jumpsuit from Neiman Marcus. It features a gorgeous lace yolk. I’m also loving the cut of the pants. They will make your legs look super long. This is one high style white jumpsuit that does not need to many accessories. A simple pair of earrings will do just fine.

Nothing Like A Red Scarf…

It is getting cold and every girl knows that it is time to go back to wear  ugly big sweaters and jackets… And the endless question,” How to look pretty in the winter time?” is on one’s mind again.

Well, we can definitely forget about all the shiny necklaces we wore the whole summer, simply because nobody can see it under layers of clothes, unless you want to freeze completely. However, there is one thing that can accessorize one easily. It is a red scarf. ( I got mine on Resultly).

red scarf

It does not sound very glamorous like a diamond necklace, but it can make you look sexy and stylish in one second. Especially, right now there are tons of places where you can find a good quality and not super expensive scarf! I bought mine last week online and I am super happy with it!

If for some reason you are afraid that you cant wear it the red scarf with anything but a black coat and only outside, you are mistaken! This kind of scarf you can wear as a part of your daily outfit without any hesitation. Just put some long black sweater, leggings, boots. and a red scarf. That is it. You don’t need any other accessories at all!  The scarf will put some color on your simple look and it will make you look sexy!

You can wear it with any black dress, or a simple white dress as well. The only thing with wearing it with light colors is that one should not try to mix too many different colors at the same time. Also, remember that a red scarf itself is already giving you a lot of statement. Don’t push too hard on the earrings…keep it simple.

The scarf I bought is super cute and feels great on the skin because it is a real 100% cashmere  (  if it is too expensive for you, you should check department stores. Sometimes they have really good deals.

I like wearing my scarf everywhere, at work, when I am running errands, or going out with my friends! I always get tons of compliments even from strangers on the streets! So, I would highly recommend every girl to get one as soon as possible and rock it with a smile.

If you are not a bog fan of scarf at all, you can always get it as a gift for your friends and family. I am sure they will love it!

Fold over strength

Add some major swag to your look with a pair of fold over combat boots! Combat boots will add an edgy vibe to your look, but you can fold them over to reveal a fun pattern that will add an unexpected and exciting pop of color and print to your look. There are so many ways you can wear fold over combat boots. You can pair them with a short skirt for a slight punk touch. Wear them with skinny jeans or leggings fro a very causal vibe. You can even pair them with a long dress for a super unexpected twist.

I recently was playing around with this really fun social shopping app, Resultly. I typed in “Fold over combat boots” and I got a ton of great combat boots to choose from, from all sorts of stores. Check out my Resultly search so you can find your perfect pair of fold over combat boots. Here are some of my favorites from my search!

Animal print fold over combat boots

fold over combat boots


This brown fold over combat boots from Wet Seal feature a super cute pop of animal print when you fold them over! It is unexpected, but blends in really nice with the pretty carmel brown color of the boots. These combat boots are super versatile because you can wear them folded over and show off the animal print,  or you can wear them laced all thew ay up if you don’t feel like showing off your wild side.  Either way you wear them, you can’t go wrong with these fold over combat boots.

American flag fold over combat boots

fold over combat boots


Can you say patriotic? These american flag fold over combat boots are just what your wardrobe needs. The faded star and stripes gold over goes perfectly with the rustic brown color of the boots. They would look adorable worn with skinny jeans. In the summer you could totally rock these with a pair of high waisted cut off denim shorts! These Aeropostale fold over combat boots are an absolute must!

Metallic fold over combat boots

fold over combat boots

For a more chic and sophisticated combat boot look, check out these metallic fold over combat boots from Nordstrom. They look super trendy and have that combat boot feel, but are also a little more dressed up and fashion forward with the metallic lining of the inside of the boot.  You can totally rock these with black tights and a short skirt! They are the perfect combat boots do dress down a cute skater skirt or dress.

Sporty and Chic Platform Sneakers

As the platform sneaker trend was coming about I disliked the new style. However, after seeing it modeled  more and more I started to become more interested in this trend. I loved the the sneaker trend, such as pairing a pair of boyfriend jeans with converse or a maxi skirt with some cute animal print slip-ons. As I started to wear more of the sneakers my mind became a little more open to the platform sneakers. I thought, why not try something more edgy and different? Especially after seeing one of my favorite models, Miranda Kerr, pair these bright platform sneakers with some leather leggings I was really tempted to try this new style.



As you can see, Miranda’s outfit is very classic: leather leggings, grey sweater, and navy blue trench coat. I love the addition of the platform sneakers. They really make the outfit stick out, while not being overwhelming. While her clothes remained fairly neutral, the pop of red to the sneakers was a great choice and brought my eye to the whole ensemble.

One of the classic sneaker I was always a fan of was naturally the Converse Sneakers. Their classic look was modernized with the heel. Take a look at the example below:


These were rather inexpensive and the black color and Converse Style was a great way for me to transition into the platform sneakers. It seemed a little strange when I first tried them on. I felt so tall and fancy but I was still wearing sneakers! I love this pair because while the black and converse style are classic, the heel and gold studs bring some fun into the shoes.

As much as lI love the color black, I wanted to also try something even more out-there. So, I decided to follow Miranda Kerr’s example and find some cute red platform sneakers.


Although this color may seem overwhelming at first I like pairing bright colors with all my darks. I seem to have a lot of dark colored sweaters and tees in my wardrobe, so I’m always on the hunt for bright colors. Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of bright colored shoes, I’ve been warming up to them the more I’ve been wearing them (which seems to be the case with many trends today). The more you wear a trend and see it on others, you’ll generally like it more and more overtime.

The new Platform Sneaker trend took me a while to get used to, but it added a lot of flavor to my entire wardrobe. Here are some more platform sneakers I found to my liking:

My friends always make fun of me when I try something new because I generally stick to the classic look. Its a little aggravating at times because that is my style. I love the classy look, but here and there I’ll mix everything up with some distressed jeans, crop tops, harem pants, and even platform sneakers. Its all about the balance and how you decide to pair these items with the rest of your outfit, and of course at what occasion you choose to wear those ensembles.



The girl in the green jacket

Today I was on my way to work and I saw a very fashionable girl wearing a killer green jacket! Now, green is not a color that I usually gravitate towards, but this girl just looked so cool in her green jacket. This got  me thinking about the color green. Am I missing out on a ton of fashionable items because of my irrational fear of wearing green? If you look at my closet it is mostly black, white, gray, with a few pops of blue. What can I say, I like what I like. However, this girl really struck a cord with me. I think it is time I stepped out of my style comfort zone and embraced green!

The first step is finding a green jacket! I went to my favorite shopping site, Resultly, to see what sort green jackets they would pull for me. I typed in the search term and was instantly given hundreds of green jackets to choose from. You can see them here:

After browsing through my results, I think I have fallen in love with a few green jackets! I never thought I would be a green girl, but oh has my mind changed. Here are my top three green jackets that my wardrobe need!

Leather Green Jacket

leather green jacket

Normally if I am going to invest in a leather jacket, I like to get it in a neutral color so I can wear it with a variety of outfits. Naturally, green is not a color that I would normally pick. However, I’m kind of in love with this leather green jacket from Free People. You can purchase it via The green is dark enough that it almost works as a neutral. I also really like the way they styled this look with those plaid pants.


Army Green Jacket

army green jacket

I love the muted green color of this jacket! The military style is also really on trend right now. I feel like I could wear this green jacket with almost anything form a skirt to jeans. It is definitely a versatile coat. You can purchase it from Nasty Gal via This jacket also features a ton of pockets, a quality I like in a jacket.


Quilted Green Jacket

quilted green jacket

Last but not least. we have the quilted green jacket. Similar to my feelings on a leather jacket, when I invest in a winter jacket I tend to like to pick a neutral color. However, I feel like this hunter green color will go with most of my wardrobe. You can find this quilted green jacket via I’m really obsessed with the color of this quilted jacket! It is still neutral enough not to cause a commotion, but also different enough that it will stand out!

If you can’t tell, I think I’m sold on the color green! Well, at least for jackets that is.